Word from the Minister

I am grateful for being part of this Ministry which is responsible for the Human Resource function of this great nation.
Much has been achieved in directing the Ministry towards fulfilling its mandate. More is yet to be done to achieve a fully transformed, efficient, people-centered public service.

Our focus is on strengthening accountability to citizens, increasing responsiveness of public servants and inspiring public confidence.
We shall attract, retain and develop capable employees who will serve with dedication, integrity, commitment, effectiveness and a high standard of professionalism.  Appropriate policies, tools and infrastructure will promote professionalism.

Hon. Wilson Muruli Mukasa
Minister of Public Service

Hon. Karubanga David
State Minister of Public Service
I take this opportunity to thank all civil servants who contribute tremendously to Uganda’s social-economic transformation. Their innovation, talent and enthusiasm have made a positive and lasting impact on the public service.
Through our web portal, we have interactive avenues of getting feedback from Ugandans, Development partners and other stakeholders about our services, publications, and expectations of services delivery.
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Catherine Bitarakwate Musingwiire (Mrs.)

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Service

I take this opportunity to welcome the new Ministry of Public Service team, which will steer the Ministry for the next 5 years, 2016 – 2021, Hon. Wilson Muruli Mukasa as Minister of Public Service and Hon. David Karubanga as Minister of State for Public Service.

I also thank the Ministry staff who supported me as I took up the post of Permanent Secretary on 17th December 2015, particular thanks go to the former Ag. Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Adah Kabarokole Muwanga (Director Human Resource Management) for her tireless efforts in steering the Ministry to its current state.

As we begin a new term, I pledge to re-energize the Ministry to give the necessary guidance and support to the Human Resource function in the entire Public Service to enable it achieve greater levels of service delivery for Socio-Transformation by 2021.

Together, we can achieve this vision.

For God and my Country.