Capacity Building In Preparation For HCM Starts
Capacity Building in preparation for HCM starts

Capacity Building in preparation for HCM starts

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The Ministry of Public Service is in the process of acquiring an Integrated Human Capital Management System (HCM) that integrates with other Government ICT systems. The drive is in compliance with a Government decision to integrate stand-alone systems that are currently being implemented by various Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Governments. The envisioned HCM will be an automated Human Resource Management Information System aimed at strengthening accountability, enhancing efficiency and improving transparency in the performance of Human Resource functions across Government. Implementation of the new system is planned to commence in Quarter 4 of FY 2017/2018.

In preparation for implementation of the new HCM, the Ministry has embarked on capacity enhancement and training programs to bolster technical and functional skills and competencies of personnel participating in the acquisition and implementation of the HCM. The training ranges from Help desk and customer service; procurement, negotiation and contracting; database administration; weblogic server administration; management of operating systems; Human Resource Information Systems, Project Management to Change Management.  This will solidify the already existing skills and competencies and bring the team up to speed with the ever changing technologies.  The Training Programmes are funded under the Third Financial Management and Accountability Programme (FINMAP).

The training is being conducted in a phased manner. So far, the following training programmes have been successfully undertaken;


a) Introduction

Training in Help Desk and Customer services comprised personnel deployed in functional areas that regularly and directly deal with clients in the Ministry of Public Service. Theses personnel attend to clients and either handle their matters conclusively or if need be escalate the issues to higher offices and/or service providers for further resolution.

The training was conducted by Techno Brain from 16th October to 2nd November 2017 at Statistics House, Kampala.

b) Participants

The following participants attended the course:

  • Peace Apio Front Desk Officer
  • Clare Nazziwa IPPS Functional Support Supervisor
  • Cissy Nabukalu IPPS Functional Support Officer
  • Patricia Nalweyiso IPPS Functional Support Officer
  • Sandra Adero IPPS Functional Support Officer
  • Rhoda Atim Records Assistant/Front Desk Office
  • Carol Nabulya Records Assistant/Pensions Registry
  • Sarah Nakibuule Receptionist
  • Richard Safari Records Assistant/Security Registry

    Participants of the Help Desk and Customer Service training, L-R: Safari Richard, Cissy Nabukalu, Sandra Adero, Sarah Nakibule, Martin Qudus (Instructor), Carol Nabulya, Patricia Nalweyiso, Peace Apio and Rhoda Atim

c) Propose of the training

To prepare and equip participants with practical skills on handling multiple customers and their requests, management of irate customers, courtesy at the workplace and management of customers’ expectations. The training climaxed into personality testing and stress management to equip participants with skills of handling pressure at work and deliver organizational and customer expectations.

d) Key Learnings/Course deliverables

The training skilled-up the participants the following abilities:

  • Adoption of a consistent and professional style when speaking with customers;
  • Effective engagement with customers and handling their enquiries;
  • Listen effectively, ask questions and make summaries to respond fully to customer requests;
  • Identify ways on how to add value to customer relationship and exceed expectations;
  • Turn customer service disappointment into a positive experience;
  • Set and manage customer expectations;
  • Multi-task i.e. serve the customer while attending to phone calls including escalations;
  • Professionally say no to a customer and manage difficult customers; and
  • Effective stress management techniques to serve a customer with a smile no matter the environment.



a) Introduction

Training in Techniques of Management of Domestic and International Contracts targeted personnel who are involved in the procurement and implementation of the HCM system.  The training sought to enhance the officers’ skills in contract planning, negotiations and contract management to ensure efficiency and value for money during the procurement and contract management of the HCM system.

The one-week training was conducted by Inspire International at Novotel Hotel, World Trade Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from 12th to 16th November 2017.

b) Participation

L-R: Allan Muhereza, Patience Tumusiime Rubagumya (Uganda Revenue Authority), Noah Ninsiima, Rachel Geraldine Nyatworo, Andrew Abunyang, Florence Winfred Aceng (Parliament of Uganda), Sharifah Buzeki, Dan Amenyo (Course Director), Karuhanga Kaineruhanga (Programmes Director)

Five (5) participants from Ministry of Public Service among others from other Organisations attended that course. The participants from Ministry of Public Service included:

  • Andrew Abunyang           Commissioner HRM (Compensation)
  • Sharifah Buzeki Commissioner HRM (Policy and Procedure)
  • Allan Muhereza Assistant Commissioner HRM (IPPS)
  • Rachel Nyatworo           Project Coordinator HCM
  • Noah Ninsiima Network Administrator IPPS

c) Purpose of the Training

To equip participants with technical and practical skills in preparation for and conducting successful negotiating, contract planning and efficient implementation of contracts.

d) Specific Objectives

The training was intended to achieve the following:

  • Enhancement of  the skills of participants in contract planning, negotiations and contract management;
  • Exposing participants to the techniques and tactics necessary for successful negotiations and dynamics of contract implementation;
  • Ensuring an understanding of the obligations, rights and responsibilities of the parties to a contract;
  • Equipping  the participants with skills in dispute resolutions during contracting and contract implementation; and
  • Provision of clarity on key contract clauses

e) Key Learnings/Course Deliverables

Participants training on Disputes Management

The training course equipped the participants with skills in the following topical areas:

  • Principles of contracting and contract dimensions;
  • Pre-contract due diligence and contract Planning;
  • Issues to consider during procurement and tendering;
  • Negotiations; tact, interests and common mistakes during negotiations;
  • Terms and Conditions of a Contracts;
  • Managing Contracts; specifications, roles and resources (time, people and finances);
  • Risk management;
  • Dispute Resolution; negotiation, mediation, arbitration/litigation including international instruments on arbitration;

    Participants Caucusing for a Mock Negotiation Session

  • Legal issues in Domestic and International Contracts;
  • Drafting and Interpretation of Contracts; and
  • Practical Group Assignment of mock negotiations and contracting.



 a) Introduction

A Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is an interaction between the Human Resource Management and Information Technology. The participants for training in HRIS are practitioners of Human Resource Management drawn from various Ministries, Departments and Agencies. HRM practitioners will be the business drivers of HCM implementation. The training was held at held from 13th – 24th, 2017 at Hotel Africana, Kampala.

The HRIS course was aimed at providing the right tools and knowledge to the participants to facilitate the implementation of the Government Human Capital Management (GHCM) System. The training provided a systematic approach to leveraging technology in performance of HR functions across the employee life cycle while enhancing in practice.

b) Participants

The course was attended by 12 participants from different MDAs including:

i.Ms. Florence TayebwaAssistant Commissioner HRMMinistry of Public Service
ii.Ms. Samali IbandaPrincipal Human Resource OfficerMinistry of Public Service
iii.Ms. Dorah AryatuhaPrincipal Human Resource OfficerMinistry of Public Service
iv.Ms. Lydia AliwonyaPrincipal Human Resource OfficerPublic Service Commission
v.Mr. Apollo TwinomugishaPrincipal Human Resource OfficerMinistry of Public Service
vi.Ms. Prudence AyebazibwePrincipal Human Resource OfficerMinistry of Education & Sports
vii.Mr. Evelyn BirungiSenior Human Resource OfficerMinistry of Public Service
viii.Mr. George OkelloManager Performance & ODKampala Capital City Authority
ixMr. Isaac SsebanenyaSenior Human Resource OfficerMinistry of Public Service
xMs. Martha KinalwaSenior Human Resource OfficerMinistry of Public Service
xi.Ms. Flavia ApioBusiness Process AnalystNational IT Authority (NITAU)
xii.Mr. Richard MugishaManager Human ResourcesMakerere University

c) Purpose

To enhance knowledge of participants in understanding and analysis of Human Resource Information Systems’ key components, functionalities, design and fundamental database characteristics ahead of HCM implementation.

d) Key learnings/Course Deliverables

  • Application of HRIS in the routine Human Resource Management functions;
  • Contribution of HRIS to organizational effectiveness and success;
  • Analysis of HRIS key components and functionalities;
  • System tailoring and integration; Fundamental database characteristics;
  • Using system data to inform management decisions;
  • Understanding Enterprise Resource Planning software systems;
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of HRIS;
  • HR administration and HRIS: Job analysis and organizational structure;
  • Performance and compensation management systems;
  • System Application and Products (SAPs);
  • Human Resource Analytics;
  • Security and Privacy Issues: Emerging trends in HRIS; and
  • Software demonstrations, mini-workshop discussions and debates.


L-R: Apollo Twinomojuni, Richard Mugisha, Isaac Ssebanenya, Dr. Farook Ifan (Instructor), Samali Ibanda, Lydia Aliwonya, Martha Kinalwa, George Okello, Dorah Aryatuha, Joy Nyabongo (Instructor), Flavia Apio.

HRIS Training in Progress

Practical Session during HRIS training



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