Department of Human Resource Planning & Development


Overview, Mandate, Vision

Under the Directorate of Human Resource Management, which is currently headed by Director Mrs. Adah K Muwanga.
The Department is headed by Mr. Ojok Thomas, Commissioner – Human Resource Planning & Development.

Structure and Management

Human Resource Planning and Development (HRPD) Department is one of the four (4) departments in the Directorate of Human Resource Management.
The Department has two Divisions:
1. Human Resource Planning, and
2. Capacity Development.

The Department is headed by a Commissioner assisted by two Assistant Commissioners.



  1. To develop and review Human Resource Planning and Development Policies, Plans, Standards and Guidelines, as well as coordinating their implementation in the Public Service to ensure that the Capacity Building and Human Resource Planning activities are undertaken to advance national goals and priorities

Vision and Mission

The Vision of the Department of Human Resource Planning and Development is: ‘‘A public service workforce empowered with requisite competences, positive attitude and work ethics for sustainable national development’’.

The Mission is “to develop, provide and review Human Resource Planning and Development Policies, Plans, Standards and Guidelines for effective and efficient service delivery”.


Strategic Objectives

  1. Develop efficient and effective HR Planning and Development policies, plans, standards, strategies and guidelines for improved public service delivery;
  2. Initiate and coordinate effective capacity building programmes geared towards enhancing capacity and capability of Human Resource in the Uganda Public Service;
  3. Promote Human Resource Planning in the Public Service;
  4. Coordinate effectively the implementation of the HRPD Standards, Regulations, Procedures and Guidelines within Uganda Public Service (MDAs and LGs).

Output: MDAs and LGs Capacity Building


  1. Draft Training Policy developed.
  2. Final Human Resource Planning Framework produced.
  3. Draft E Learning guidelines developed.
  4. Management of training function in 10 MDAs and 16 DLGs and 4 MCs monitored and evaluated
  5. Draft Core competencies for the Uganda Public Service in place
  6. Forum for 885 Records and Archives Cadre and Secretarial cadres conducted.
  7. Concept note on curriculum development for secretarial cadre was developed:
  8. TNA report prepared

Planned Outputs

  1. Public Service Capacity Building policy reviewed and disseminated.
  2. Human Resource Planning Framework for Uganda Public Service developed and disseminated.
  3. E Learning in the Uganda Public Service promoted.
  4. Management of Training Function in 10 MDAs and 16 DLGs and 4 MCs monitored and evaluated.
  5. Core competencies for Uganda Public Service finalised and disseminated
  6. HRP&D Staff skills Developed.
  7. CPD programs undertaken for 1,200 officers covering four cadres (HRM, Records, Admn and Secretarial)
  8. Curriculum for Continuous Professional Development for HR, Records, Admn Officers and Secretarial cadres developed and implemented