Integrated Personnel and Payroll System (IPPS)


Integrated Personnel and Payroll System (IPPS) is a computerized Human Resource Management Information System that is being implemented in Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Local Governments (MDAs & LGs) to perform various human resource functions. Implementation of IPPS was part of the Public Service Reform programmes aimed at strengthening accountability and improved service delivery through automation of Human Resource functions and provision of reliable and timely information for decision making.

Currently, four modules notably Payroll Management, Pension Management, Establishment Control and Training Management are functional. In addition, MDAs & LGs are able to access electronic records on the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) through IPPS.

A total of 242 MDAs and LGs are use IPPS to process salary, pension and gratuity. Of these, 173 are connected to IPPS on site. The balance of 69 votes access IPPS at the 10 Regional Support Centres. These Centres, were established to ease access to IPPS for votes that still lack the required infrastructure. This has reduced administrative costs of travel to Kampala and led to improved service delivery and timely quality support.

It is worth noting that IPPS is a component of Public Financial Management Reforms under the Third Financial Management and Accountability Programme (FINMAP III) purposed at improving timeliness, accuracy and accountability of Government salary and pension payments.

Purpose of IPPS

To support implementation of Government of Uganda Human Resource policies through automation of human resource functions and processes to improve efficiency and accountability in delivery of public services.


  1. To automate human resource functions and processes for improved efficiency and effectiveness in public service delivery;
  2. To provide for a one stop centre for reliable, consistent and accurate human resource information for decision making;
  3. To foster information sharing through integration with other Government ICT systems in order to eradicate duplication of data and improve accuracy.
  4. To enhance capacity of Government to forecast human resource requirements for the Public Service in terms of numbers and skills requirements
  5. To enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the management of establishment and monitoring of wage performance.
  6. To facilitate timely and accurate salary and pension processing for promotion of accountability and transparency of Government payroll;

Project Leadership

Implementation of the IPPS falls under the responsibility of the IPPS Division in the Department of Human Resource Management (Policy and Procedures).

  1. Task Manager: Allan Muhereza, Assistant Commissioner Human Resource Management.
    The Assistant Commissioner Human Resource Management coordinates the implementation of the Integrated Personnel and Payroll System (IPPS) in Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Local Governments.
  2. Project Manager: Robert SsakaThe Project Manager provides professional and technical support to the Ministry of Public Service in the implementation of the Integrated Personnel and Payroll System.
  3. Project Coordinator HCM: Ms. Rachel Nyatworo

Achievements of the project

  • Electronic storage of an employee master record containing complete service and personal information about the employee. IPPS is a one stop centre for human resource information;
  • Salary, Pension and Gratuity management processes automated and controls are applied more efficiently and effectively;
  • Improved Establishment management and monitoring of wage performance;
  • Real time access to Human Resource Information relating to employee information, staff establishment, salary and pension payroll processing enables fast response to client needs;
  • Entry and update of human resource information and Payroll data at source (MDA/LG level) which promotes ownership of the data and enhances accountability; and
  • Access and retrieval of electronic documents of Public Officers and pensioners on Electronic Management System (EDMS) at vote level;

Services provided through the project

  • Decentralized management and processing of salary, pension and gratuity payments for public officers, pensioners and survivors;
  • Establishment management for the approved structures of Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Local Governments;
  • Employee Information management that stores the master data of a particular officer for the entire work life;
  • Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) as an integral part of the IPPS that supports the records management business processes for ease of access to personnel records and mail correspondences by decision makers. It facilitates storage, retrieval and use of electronic records of Public Officers and pensioners.
  • Payroll cleaning through biometrics validation of Public Officers and authenticating their particulars against National ID database;
  • Functional and technical support to IPPS users on site, at the help desk and Regional Support Centres; and
  • Audit trail for all transactions executed on IPPS.

Members of the Parliament’s Committee on Public Service and Local Government inspected the Biometrics Validation Exercise at the National Records Centre and Archives.
IPPS hands-on training on alignment of payroll records for newly created Local Governments from Mother Districts in 2017 at the NITA-U Training Centre.

Upgrade of IPPS

The Ministry is in the process of upgrading IPPS to a new software application release that will enable automation of all Human Resource functions and processes, but also allow for seamless integration with other Government systems notably; Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS), National Security Information System and Programme Based Budgeting among others. The deployment of the upgraded software release is projected to commence in FY 2017/18 in 60 pilot MDAs and LGs.

The acquisition of the new HCM will be implemented in three phases. Phase one is planned to commence this FY in 60 pilot sites. Ms. Rachel Nyatworo is the Project Coordinator for the supply, design, implementation and commissioning of the integrated Human Capital Management System for the Government of Uganda.