Service Uganda Centres


Government of Uganda has embarked on a reform to transform service delivery in the Public Service through establishment of service Uganda centers. This is in response to the current increased demand world over to focus Government reforms on Citizen-Centric Service delivery strategies.

The new reform aims at:

  1. Improving customer satisfaction, by delivering outcomes based on citizens’ needs, expectations and preferences, at a much less cost;
  2. Enhancing Government visibility, accessibility and credibility in the eyes of the citizens of Uganda;
  3. Fighting Corruption; and
  4. Implementing the provisions of the existing policy and legal Framework at National, Regional and International Level (i.e World Agenda-SDGs (2015); Integration of Public Services at EAC level as provided in the EAC Treaty and various Protocols; Vision 2040; NDP II2015/16-2019/20); NRM manifesto (2016-2021; Policy Paper on the Transformation of Public Service (2011); among others).

Ministry of Public Service has the overall mandate of determining policies, structures and systems for the management of Public Service Institutions and human Resources. Therefore, issues of structural and systems Reforms which have a direct bearing on Service Uganda Centres are a responsibility of Ministry of Public Service.

Service Delivery Problem Analysis

Currently, service delivery in the Public Service is characterized by complicated and cumbersome service delivery systems; overlapping and duplicated efforts by MDAs and LGs; lack of transparency; corruption; long queues at service delivery centers; inaccessible and costly services (in terms of money and time); delayed response to clients; un-coordinated movements between and within (MDAs) and (LGs); difficulties in sharing relevant information; and mandates focused services delivery, with little regard to the service recipients.

Establishment of Service Uganda Centers is a deliberate effort by Government to address these challenges.

Vision, Mission, Motto and Objectives

Vision: “Accessible, Efficient and Affordable Public Services”

Mission: “To Provide a Comprehensive Range of Integrated Public Services to Facilitate Improved Service Delivery and Social Economic Development”

Motto: “Customer Satisfaction is Our Pride”


  1. Improve customer satisfaction by delivering services based on clients’ needs, expectations and preferences.
  2. Provide a wide range of integrated services under “just in one go” under a “single space”
  3. Reduce the cost of doing business in Government Institutions.
  4. Eliminate corruption in Government Institutions by minimizing interface between service providers and service recipients.


Some of the benefits of this reform include:

  1. Integrated and multiple Government services offered to clients “under one roof” or “single space”;
  2. Out ward/client focused services;
  3. Simplified and user friendly service delivery Systems;
  4. Reduced Cost of doing business in Government (in terms of time and Money);
  5. Harmonious co-existence and collaboration of Sectors and MDAs;
  6. Increased accessibility, quicker response and affordable costs; and
  7. Cross-jurisdictional service delivery without losing sight of different mandates;

Increased revenue to Government as a result of increased number of Ugandans having easy access to Government services.